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Fresh Stuff.

(1) Oh, god! Guilty as charged. Seriously, I just sent an email to someone just this week. Obviously I’d like an answer but I’m not gonna slit my wrists if I don’t.

(2) I watched some videos with Daniel Alarcón being interviewed–or rather, being entrevistado–and I totally felt ashamed that my speaking Spanish is not as good as his. (You can watch a really good one ici.) No seriously, his accent is like nonexistent. Damn. But then I watched una entrevista with Junot Díaz and I felt much better. Junot speaks Spanish the way I speak Korean–it’s just sad. Haha. Though in my defense, I’m barely coherent in English as well.

(3) I’ve been pretty synth-happy with my music. Lotta Lisa Lisa avec Cult Jam, and Tears for Fears.

Dude, I can’t wait to get my library science degree.

(4) Tried to go see the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMa. It was mostly a bust. Although I expected crowds I didn’t imagine the massiveness of the multitudes. Deserved, obviously. I got to see some stuff, but for the most part I was too hot and too short to be bothered. In the lower levels, where the movie theaters are located, there was more Burton stuff, posters and also some blow-ups of Polaroids he’s taken. Very beautiful and creepy. Much less crowded, too, thank the lord. Also less crowded: the Gabriel Orozco and Bauhaus exhibits. I loved them!

(5) Last week I saw A Single Man, and it was beautiful. Wonderfully acted, poignant and sweet story, and this incredible and subtle use of color that was done very effectively. Some of the music was by Shigeru Umebayashi, always a plus. Really curious to read the novel now, as well as After Many a Summer Dies the Swan. Except I already have such a long queue of books to read for this new year. Sigh.


WFMU Record Fair 2009.

I went to the record fair today, a nice closing punctuation mark to CMJ.  Not that I did anything CMJ-related this year, whereas I seriously waited all year long to go to the fair today.  Thinking I’d learned my lesson last year, this time I decided to budget myself and also made a mental list of things I wanted: God Is For Real, Man, Del Shannon and Roy Orbison, and maybe some Carter Family shit.

So how did I end up dropping $40 on just two records?  Obviously it’s not that much, but I was really hoping to find a shitload of beat up $5 records, so an average of $20 per record is a little much.  I just entered the place and was immediately overwhelmed, as usual.  After sweeping up and down the aisles, I decided there were definitely some things I wanted (and could afford, cos God knows how much shit I really really wanted and couldn’t pay for it).

I specifically want to bitch about this Ska Au Go Go album that I wanted.  I saw it, noted in my mind to come back to it, and kept looking for other cool shit.  (Leonard Nimoy reading HG Wells, anyone?)  Anyway, when I finally finished making my round of all the exhibitors about 20 minutes later, I went back to the spot and looked all through the crate and… it wasn’t there!  No–it was in the hands of some guy standing right next to me.  So I kinda waited a couple of minutes to see if he was gonna let go of the record so I could swoop in on that shit.  Alas, he held on to the LP pretty tightly.  Damn you, dude!!  Heh, just kidding.  I understand how these things go: you snooze, you lose.  That’s okay, I was mostly intrigued that there was a track called “I Should Have Known Better.”  Well I just downloaded that shit, and indeed, it’s a cover of the Beatles song.  Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.  Sigh, if only that record was in my hands…

Well, the more expensive one is a double LP, which inconveniently doesn’t even come in a gatefold sleeve.  It’s just a greatest hits called A Arte de Tim Maia.  It’s hilarious, almost every song sounds fine except for “Não quero dinheiro,” which skips a bit.  I imagine that whoever owned the record first played the shit out of that song, and who am I to blame them?  My dad looked at the record and pointed out that title, to which I asserted, “THAT’S THE BEST SONG IN THE ENTIRE THING!!” even though this statement might not be true.  Anyway, I felt kinda wack about having paid “so much” for the record when I’d gone into the Metropolitan Pavilion looking for deals, but by the time I got to side B of the second LP, I was just crying and crying from the thrill and the honor of getting to hear this seriously beautiful music. In conclusion, it was totally worth the money and I’m very happy with this find, even if it’s a minor Best Of.

The less expensive (but still kinda costly) record is a compilation of Chilean jazz from the first half of the 20th century.  I haven’t listened to it and I’m kind of scared to.  The seller had several records that seriously caught my eye, including a nice copy of a Joe Cuba Sextet record that cost less than the Chilean jazz one, but I wondered, “Which album is more likely to be here next year?”  I understood that Chilean jazz ain’t as in demand over here as, say, bugalú, but at the same time it’s more rare to see a record of Chilean music at all, so I decided to go with it.  Plus, the Chilean record is sealed!  Do I dare open it?  Of course!  I can’t wait to see what treasures it contains.

I don’t know that my experience was wild as previous years–for some reason the whole affair seemed a bit more muted today, did I imagine it–but I still had a lot of fun.  The best genres to check out were the kids’ albums.  My friend and I found a Topo Gigio record!!  He was da bomb.

I’ve been all right, just listening to a lot of this and that.  One of my classmates burned me a copy of The Saturdays’ Chasing Lights, which is surprisingly excellent.  So many of the songs could have been major singles, really!  I’m smarting from the Sugababes breakup fiasco, so at least it’s nice to see that there’s a new generation of pop tarts bringing cute escapist ditties to the masses.  They don’t write their own songs, but they do sing live!

Also, I’ve gone back to obsessing over Zoé.  Mostly because I randomly developed a crush on Sergio, their guitarist?  Mostly because I get the feeling that he’s one of those betas who could really be an alpha if he wanted, but he can’t be bothered because he already knows he’s fucking awesome and doesn’t need that validation?  Regardless, I’ve been going through their old stuff and I’m loving it.  I found an episode of Verdad y Fama on YouTube featuring the band and they pretty much verify that the band members, especially León, are pretty much fried out of their minds, not that it was too hard to tell.

Dude, watch that video!  It’s not even their best song, but look at the way people are singing along.  It’s a huge fucking crowd and they all know all the fucking words.  It’s amazing.  I love this band so much, I wish they’d come to NYC more often.

I’m finally looking forward to stuff, too, after a long funk of not caring about what was next.  First, I can’t wait for the new Shakira, which seems like it’s becoming an unmarketable dud for her label.  I can’t believe “She Wolf” hasn’t really taken off, “Loba” is doing pretty well on MTV Tr3s and I personally fucking love that song. Awooooo…!!  The last English album of hers I bought was Laundry Service, which in hindsight I find a bit blah, but this single has me really excited and I’m totally gonna buy the new album.  I also found out that Gustavo Cerati, god bless his Jewfro’d self, just released a new album and I can’t wait to track it down and listen to it.  Not only that, Javiera Mena is finally gonna release her second full-length (about time!!) and apparently she did a song with Jens Lekman!  Hope it turns out well.  She’s also busy at the moment opening for Kings of Convenience, who also have a new album out and I’m trying to decide whether I want to hear it.  My undying crush on Erlend tells me to do it, but half of the time I find their shit beautiful and the other half I find it boring.

Y’know what I mean?

Calle 13, Bomba Estéreo + Eric Bobo @ Central Park SummerStage.

Yesterday I went to SummerStage to see Calle 13. It wasn’t as crazy as I expected in terms of the crowd. Maybe it’s because they played for free just a few years ago, but I feel like it took a while for the place to be packed with people. When I got there the doors weren’t even open, and I didn’t want to bum around for two hours in the sun, so I actually left the park and cooled off in a bookstore for a while.

When I returned, although the venue wasn’t packed, it was crowded enough that I didn’t want to push my way to the front. I decided to watch just a couple of yards away from the bleacher seats, right behind a barricade. This means I really couldn’t see anyone on stage, really.

The first act was Eric Bobo, son of Willie Bobo. He played percussion along with a DJ. It was okay. The DJ played pretty much all the famous old school breakbeats ever, except no one declared that there was no problem they couldn’t fix since they could do it in the mix. Eric Bobo performed well, but I thought the set was better suited for a club.

Bomba Estéreo fared better than Bobo, for a number of reasons. This is a band, so that there was more happening on stage. The music itself was better, too, more hooky, with more momentum, plus the arrangements were a lot more dynamic. Eric Bobo was limited to his percussion, and although he pulled out all his tricks, at the end of the day, I feel that it didn’t compare.

Bomba Estéreo played a similar set to the one at the Bowery, full of energy and great stage presence. They also go to try some more songs, since the Bowery set was pretty short. I wasn’t sure how well they’d sound in an outside, daytime show, but they were excellent again. I didn’t know how well the rest of the audience would respond, since I myself had no clue who they were just five days ago and I imagined most of the crowd was the same. But people really took to them. The band got the crowd’s attention and the crowd obliged them with plenty of attention, and I found that really impressive. Hope they make it big, whatever “big” means nowadays.

When Calle 13 took the stage, the audience was plenty hyped up. It was pretty overwhelming. I just don’t have enough people to talk to about this kind of music. Not in real life, anyway. It gets lonely. So it was incredible to see thousands of people roaring approvingly at the band. I was feeling the triskaidekaphilia, y’all, haha.

That’s what was really great, too, there was a huge band. Rhythm section, horns, the works. It made me realize how well the music lends itself to a live setting. The sounds just took over and my body could only respond by dancing. It was amazing.

Residente was pretty awesome, really funny and really appreciative of the audience, though with mad attitude, too. That’s one thing I gotta give him, I think his rhymes are kinda lame sometimes, but he’s a great performer. I couldn’t really see Visitante though at one point I saw him playing the accordion and I was just filled with glee. I’m sure René contributes, but I still consider the music to be Eduardo’s domain, and I’m constantly amazed by some of the sounds with which he comes up. (Sorry for switching in their real names; for some reason I don’t think of them by their stage names!)

Not gonna lie, one of the biggest thrills for me was hearing their little sister Ileana singing live, even if she looked like a pulguita from where I was standing. I just think she’s incredibly talented. Are you pumped for her solo stuff? Cos I am. I mean, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that “Hormiga Brava” is my favorite Calle 13 song, but I didn’t expect them to play it because it was never a single or anything. They went through all their hits and I loved every moment. But then they DID play “Hormiga Brava” and I almost fainted from how beautiful it was. I felt like they were playing it just for me, you know? Sigh.

They finished the set with “Atrévete-te-te” and everyone went batshit crazy and the band left so everyone was clamoring “¡Otra! ¡Otra!” and obviously we were all being silly because the concert was planned so that there would be enough time for an encore but we all got into shouting for them to come back anyway and when they did we was all cheering so loud and then, and then, and then! I could kinda see them all lining up in a row together, and “Thriller” started playing and they started doing the zombie dance and everyone was like, “AHHH!!!!!” cos it was awesomesauce. They did play an encore (“Electro movimiento,” yeah!) but that MJ mini-tribute pretty much took the cake.

I think I can die a little bit happier now.

In Case You Were Curious, Which You Most Likely Were Not.

(1) I decided recently that Roy Orbison is fucking brilliant.  I find his voice quite strange.

(2) A couple of weeks ago I went to the Virgin on Times Square and found out they were closing.  Got some cool shit.  My biggest find was a fucking Man Recordings 12″ that features Deize Tigrona.  I chortled to myself at the fact that no one had bothered to buy it and I was giddy that I had the pleasure to do so.  I was so excited, in fact, that I kinda didn’t want to listen to it, because I was so fucking sure I’d be disappointed.  But I listened anyway.  And let me tell you something–now, I know you’re going to laugh, but I wish you wouldn’t–after listening to it, I was thrilled, but I also couldn’t figure out if I’d listened to it at the right speed.  I know it makes me sound like a moron, but I’m telling you, both sides of the single are so fucking weird, so many miles away from what I recognize as funk, that I am still kinda disoriented about it.  At the same time, this disorientation makes me feel even more excited about the 12″.  The A-side in particular is off the hook.  Hee!  I think it’s gonna be one of those songs, like “Ni Fu Ni Fa,” that I’m gonna listen to years from now and still think that it’s ahead of its time.  Seriously.

(3) I also bought a copy of Scratch half price, and thank the lord cos that shit was mad expensive originally.  I started watching it today, and I couldn’t finish it cos my parents told me to stop hogging the teevee.  I’m telling you, though, it’s really fun and just watching the footage of all those DJs slouched over their turntables is so beautiful.  Okay, the sounds, I don’t care much about the result of the sounds, but fundamentally, I find it really inspiring, because you know that for them to create the music that they do, they need to go crate-diggin’ for the most beautiful sounds to their ears, and they need to learn every element in a song intimately, and I’m awed by the dedication and discipline and pure love of music they show in doing that.  I know that I don’t hear music the way they hear music, and I’m fascinated by it.  I also think it’s amazing how they take a pre-existing work and they really reinterpret it, not unlike a singer covering someone else’s song.

(4) I bought a collection of poetry by Jose Garcia Villa (v. v. hard to abstain from adding accents in his name since I’m so used to it, but he’s filipino and I’m not sure if they use them over there).  I’m only telling you this because it’s National Poetry Month and I’m enjoying the book a lot.  I didn’t know of his existence until recently, when the AAWW had an event about him.  Like Tseng Kwong Chi later on, it appears that Villa was one of those cool kids hanging out downtown who has become nothing more than a footnote in pop culture history, even though both Villa and Tseng were serious artists with significant contributions to the scene.

Anyway, reading the book and enjoying really makes me wonder why I don’t read more poetry.  The dumb and easy answer is that I don’t get it, and I find a lot of other people telling me they don’t get poetry either.  I really feel like we’re not taught poetry very well.  The whole population can’t be averse to poetry–we must have been taught that somehow it’s lesser than other writing forms.  And that fucking annoys me!  In one sense I understand that times change and that different writing forms fall out of vogue.  For example, I’d say–without any scientific proof or naught, but still–we’re transitioning out of the era of the novel and more into some weird sort of non-fiction/memoir era (and I think blogs are helping this!), but it still bothers me that poetry is ignored because I think there’s still a lot that could be said and done with poetry.  Poetry came before the novel and I feel that the less literate people are in poetry, that means that works from hundreds and hundreds of years ago will become lost…  Seguro que yo sueno histérica, y yo sé que lo poesía no morirá por completo, pero me molesta que hay tanta tradición, tanta cultura y arte que la gente no aprecia y lo toman todo por idioteces solo porque alguien (some higher up) decidió que la poesía ya no importa tanto como otros géneros, y así es que las generaciones más jóvenes no aprenden el valor que tienen los poemas…  Bah!  Me duele la cabeza.  And so I make my exit.

Some Notes.

Part I

I just read this post on Moleskine Literario (¿otra vez? ¡pos sí!) about Julio Cortázar’s former spouse selling the rights to three unpublished stories. Iván wrote,

Está claro que Cortázar no decidió publicarlos en su momento por considerarlos equívocos, pero no importa, nadie espera demasiado de esos textos, lo interesante es el legado. Eso sí, el libro será de ultra lujo: solo 100 ejemplares a 260 euros cada uno.

That is, “It’s clear that Cortázar decided not to publish the stories at the time because they weren’t right, but that doesn’t matter, no one expects much from those texts, what matters is the legacy. That said, the book will be an ultra luxury: only 100 copies at 260 euros each.” (My emphases. Also: not a literal translation.)

What really annoys the fuck out of me is that it seems ridiculous to charge 260 euros to get your hands on three unpublished stories. Honestly. This woman couldn’t donate (or even sell!) the works to a museum or a library? Turning the stories into a commodity, a very expensive commodity at that, pisses me off so bad. My dearest hope is that the people who get their hands on this ARE establishments such as museums or libraries that will allow the masses to have some sort of access to them for free, rather than having the copies go to private individuals who, for all we know might use the stories to wipe their asses with them (o lo que sea). Argh. 260 euros! And none of it going to the fucking author, cos he’s dead. So why is it so fucking expensive? Supposedly, it’s just how much it’ll cost to bind the stories in a beautiful volume, and that the publisher won’t be making a profit. Pffft. Okay, even if that’s true, for the consumer, it becomes much more of a “haha, I got one and you don’t” situation. I don’t see why Cortázar’s former wife couldn’t just make it available to a wider mass of people so that we could get a better sense of his writing process and the like.

“What matters is the legacy,” right. But why should Cortázar’s legacy touch only a select few who can afford it? I hope at least one of the people lucky enough to buy the stories just scans the fucking thing and leaks it onto the internets.

Musical Interlude A

“Soch na kya,” from Ghayal, which is a reinterpretation of “Llorando se fue,” better known as the song that inspired “Lambada.” Further proof that this song is bangin’ in pretty much every language and arrangement. Just recently I noticed that “Llorando se fue” actually has Japanese lyrics, which I noted from the use of the words “anata” and “watashi.” Yay for rudimentary Japanese language skills. Anyway, as soon as I realized that I thought, “Geez, I never knew were Peruvian.” It’s just that whenever I think of big Japanese populations in Latin America I think of Peru and Brazil. Heh. But Los Kjarkas are actually Bolivian. Regardless of where they’re from, I’m curious as to why they sing in Japanese in the first place. ¡Qué misterio!

Part II

Words Without Borders updated! Its theme for February is “The Graphic World,” and there’s some sweet translations of comics available. It’s also worth checking out their archives for older translations of comics. For example, there’s an excerpt in English of Fuguet’s “Road Story.” Good shit!

Musical Interlude B

I never made a list of favorite albums of 2008, and I’m so glad because I only listened to Utada Hikaru’s Heart Station recently and I’m loving it. I’m kinda dreading her forthcoming English language album, mostly cos I listened to her newest single and it’s dreadfully boring. But Heart Station is undeniably awesome.

Part III

How do the Kindle fiends do it? How can anyone stare at a screen and just read for extended periods of time? I had a hard enough time wanting to read Colson Whitehead’s “Wow, Fiction Works!” I mean, I opened the page and it loaded in like, five seconds, and then I… proceeded to not read it. Jesus. For like hours and hours I was like, “Oh, let’s put it off for a bit until I’ve finished watching this stupid youtube vid of [insert your favorite pointless youtube time-waster of choice here].” Finally I understood that I wasn’t going to read this essay unless I printed it. Because if I printed it, I wouldn’t be distracted by other open browser pages, not to mention it felt good to have something tangible to read. And it didn’t hurt my eyes to read it! In fact, I was pretty giddy about it. Whitehead is so gleeful in his delivery that it’s infectious.

Favorite Songs of 2008.

I’m not sure if I’ll change my mind by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, but here is my list of favorite singles for 2008. Tried to be honest. I thought about how much the songs affected me emotionally, but also how good the songs were.

(1) Bufi – We Begin

We Begin is from the Homeless Hero EP, which is available for gratis at Poni Republic.

(2) Estelle – American Boy

(3) Ximena Sariñana – Normal

(4) Babasónicos – Microdancing

(5) Jamie Lidell – Another Day

(6) The Mae Shi – Run to Your Grave

(7) Britta Persson – Cliffhanger

(8) Babasónicos – Pijamas

(9) Deerhoof – Fresh Born

(10) Håkan Hellström – För en lång lång tid

Yep… I put two Babasónicos songs. It’s not that I didn’t listen to anything else. I mean I did, but damn, I really love those songs. Also, there were certain albums I liked as a whole but I couldn’t decide which songs were singles or not. I’m specifically talking about TV On The Radio. Sigh.

Also, here is a list of songs I wish had been released in 2008 so that I could have put them on my list:
(1) Jowell & RandyNo te veo
(2) El GuinchoPalmitos Park
(I think it was released in the US this year, but the album’s old, dude! So I don’t think I should count it in my regular list. But y’all should buy Alegranza! if you haven’t already.)
(3) Kid SisterControl
(4) Lito Barrientos Y Su OrquestaCumbia en do menor
(5) The OutfieldYour Love

Come On + Get Up.

You know, you hear about how during its brief existence, Rites of Spring would makes dudes weep because they was so fucking intense on stage and shit, and it would kinda make me giggle because nowadays it’s difficult as hell not to feel jaded and to encounter a musical group that can really make you react in such an extreme and honest way, but mostly it makes me feel jealous that people got to experience such a treasure before it fell into the deepest darkest ocean water lost to humankind forever.

So imagine the shock of finding that there are live videos of Rites of Spring on YouTube. And like, how am I supposed to feel? I’m a staunch believer that death should be respected. “Rest in peace” actually means something to me. Part of me thought it was cool that only a few people got to experience the band live, and that once the band imploded, it was over with.  After that, it was all about letting the memories be tainted by time. But the curiosity got the best of me, of course, so I watched a couple of videos anyway, instead of just ignoring it and letting my idea of Rites of Spring remain. I was kinda disappointed by the videos, mostly because of the video/audio quality. Another thing is that Guy Picciotto, who will always and forever be my favorite member of Fugazi, is attached to the guitar in the videos I saw, so he doesn’t just flail and spaz. Y’know. Like, I call it “dancing” but it’s more like he’s shaking off demons or something.

Anyway, the disappointment led me to YouTube more videos of Guy, which led me to videos such as these:

Not gonna lie, I can’t watch them anymore tonight, cos they’re really… getting me hot.  No, really.  I love him for his talent.  Heh.

It Is No Mystery, We’re Making History.

There’ve been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
But now I think I’m able to carry on
It’s been a long, long time coming
But I know a change has come

I think the best part of today was waking up and thinking, “Holy shit, we actually DID elect Obama!”  So for my commute to work I put on some choice jams, the very first of which was “A Change is Gonna Come,” since Obama alluded to it in his speech last night and I cried when he did.

See, at work we put on this Sam Cooke best-of on the stereo sometimes, and the last time we listened to it was this past Saturday, on All Saints.  This song already means so much to me but on Saturday the election was on my mind and I really wondered, “Will it really come?”  I got shivers just thinking about it.

So on the train this morning I blasted that shit on my fauxPod, as well as “How We Gonna Make a Black Nation Rise,” “When the Revolution Comes,” “Making History,” and um, “Gotta Work.”  Not that they were particularly political but they’re songs I love and I was totally pumped about being alive and young and an American.

The funny thing is that some dude got on my train and started singing “A Change is Gonna Come.”  And the dude was really doing it to ask for spare change, y’know, “I said brother/help me, please.”  But I just started tearing up even though the mofo couldn’t sing for shit.  It’s just such a special song, isn’t it?

Last night, my dad and I were watching the TV like most of the nation, and we were bien calladitos about the whole thing.  It’s just that we’re not really loud and celebratory about anything.  But we watched the announcement from the media anchors declaring Obama’s win, and my Dad and I exchanged a look, like, “Did we do that?”  My dad said, “Amazing.”  I mean he said it in English, not in Korean or Spanish.  I nodded, stunned, and waited until he went to sleep.  Then I watched the speech and cried because everyone else was crying.  I mean, you see a grown man like Jesse Jackson cry, and you can’t not cry because you see that this man can’t fucking believe that he would ever see this day.  So I cried too, because as much as this election may mean the world to me, I have no fucking idea how good it feels for people like Jackson who remember their struggle for civil rights.

Speaking of struggling for civil rights, I am actually surprised that California voted for the gay marriage ban.

But let’s end on a high note. Here‘s an awesome post from Racialicious, and why not visit the ever-so-brilliant Yes We Can (Hold Babies), which I like to think had a serious effect on Obama’s win, LOL.  No, but seriously, I got kinda teary-eyed reading some of the comments on the Racialicious post.  I feel like this will be one of the most defining days of my life.  ¡¡Lo hicimos, cabrones!!

Jamie Lidell @ Bowery Ballroom, 6/9 (2nd Night).

[Note: This was written last night.] Well, just got back from my first Jamie Lidell concert, and I hope it’s not the last.

Can I tell you something hilarious and sad before I move on to the concert review? The Bowery Ballroom was two blocks away from the D train stop, but I was unfamiliar with the area, so I went the wrong way and ended up walking around in the heat for twenty minutes before I finally found Bowery and was able to find the venue. How pathetic is that? The worst part is that, after having sneered at Miranda Hobbes in the Sex & the City movie for being so awkward in fucking Chinatown, I was just as uneasy about asking for directions and found my way by myself. Definitely not my finest moment.

Jennifer O’Connor did nothing for me. I know that in the age of MySpace and all, it feels like every little obscure band has fans, but I just can’t imagine anyone ever saying, “ZOMG I’M LIKE THE BIIIIIGGEST JENNIFER O’CONNOR FAN EVZ!” (See: 7248 friends on her profile as of today, guess I’m wrong.) Well, she shattered my low expectations, I thought it was going to be some fragile heartbroken skinny girl singing in a whispery voice and strumming some sort of traditional folky tunes and confessional ditties. (Hey, whatever happened to Joanna Newsom…?) Instead, Jennifer O’Connor came out in her full-bodied, Public Enemy shirt-wearing glory, doing this pop rock thing of hers that, admittedly, was very polished. It’s just that after four or five songs I felt, “Okay, I get the point,” and when I thought about it, it really felt like if she’d been one of those female singer-songwriters who emerged in the mid- to late-90s, she probably wouldn’t have stood out enough to be remembered. (Hey, whatever happened to that girl who lived in her van…?)

I think the other thing that bothered me was that she had no chemistry with the bassist and the drummer. I understand she’s a solo artist, but I was very surprised that the two dudes were so on point with their parts, because she hardly interacted with them. It’s like, they were well-trained and ready to play, but there was no spark among the three, which was kind of a bummer to watch, especially because the arrangements weren’t very interesting or memorable. Thinking back on the set, I imagine I liked a few of the songs, but I couldn’t tell you which ones.

Even before I saw O’Connor, I found it a very odd pairing with Jamie Lidell, and after finally seeing Lidell, I stand by this thought. Damn, seriously, she didn’t even compare in terms of performance. What was great was that, after having a certain idea of who Jamie Lidell is as a musician, this concert both solidified and challenged the way I view him. You see, I understand that he has a schtick, and he does nothing to distance himself from it. He does present himself as this really fly nerd, a mad scientist who’s perpetually poppin’ caffeine pills so he can stay awake and work on some crazy jams, etc. And I kinda believed that, like if I ever bumped into him on the street I’d be too scared to speak to him because I don’t know what to make of him.

(Dude was completely clean-shaven, which I didn’t expect either. Most of the pictures I’ve seen of him show him as a scruffy mess, so I took it personally and was almost honored to see him without any facial hair. But now that I think of it, I’m sure he shaved because it was so damn hot.)

On the stage, I got to see he’s capable of being a high-functioning member of society, that he can break out of his kookiness and just give a big smile out of gratitude that so many folks showed up to enjoy his show, you know? Like when he handed over the mic to people, he seemed genuinely pleased that these people were singing along. It hit me that he’s not some artiste wrapped up in his own musical world and that, instead, he is able to connect with others around him.

Lidell sounds really good with a live band, his voice is incredible. Seriously, it’s a little raw in terms of texture but he’s a very very good singer. Definitely works the quirks to his advantage. I think my favorite performance was “Green Light,” not only because it is my current favorite on Jim, but also because it was preceded by this long spoken intro about having had a dream where he had to give his nephew some of his wisdom. Or I think he said that, because I could only understand half the shit he said. (I’m bad with accents AND my hearing is shoddy.)

I’m not saying the entire show was flawless, there was a bit that I didn’t actually dig as much, even though I danced through it just as hard. See, when the show ended, I felt like he’d hardly played any of his songs, maybe like ten of them. When I checked my watch, however, I noted that he had played for almost an hour and a half. So what was the dealio? See, in the middle of the set, his bandmates conga-lined off the stage and left Lidell to his own devices. It was like twenty solid minutes of madness on his laptop and assorted gadgetry. By the end I was like, “Okay, this is bordering on masturbatory…” You know, fun for the individual, but not as much for the people watching. Of course there were some hard beats and he showed how adept he is at what he does, but to me, it sounded like… noise. That’s why at the end of the show I felt like he hadn’t played that many songs, because I discounted that entire section of improvised beats and samples. During this section he played “When I Come Back Around,” but it was completely reworked. In theory this was nice, it’s always wonderful to approach familiar songs in new and exciting ways, but in practice it was disappointing because this is my favorite song on Multiply because it already has such a great arrangement. Oh wells.

You know something though? The thing that really made it worth it, that really made me feel like I was experiencing something special, was that he really seemed happy to be there and to share his songs with us. Not just him, either, all his bandmates and even the dudes chronicling the show on camera, too. It’s so weird, I expected Lidell to be pretty goofy, but he found four other guys on the same goofy wavelength that he’s on. They just seemed to be enjoying each other and enjoying their roles in the whole shebang. It made me happy because, while bands are usually very grateful you‘re there, you don’t always sense that they want to be there. Lidell and his motley crew, however, seemed fucking ecstatic.

It was the first concert I’d gone to in a looooooong time, so it was lovely to have broken my semi-retirement from live shows by going to this one.

Oh, another thing: dude had the flyest shoes ever. Seriously. I totally wanted a pair.

Tape Delay.

Uh, so I signed up for this Muxtape thing which will probably be destroyed in like 10 seconds by some party trying to sue the website (I can just feel it in my bones!). So far it’s not too hot. I’ve only been able to upload 1 song and it’s been taking superlong for the site to upload a second, longer song. Here‘s a link to my single uploaded song, anyway. It’s a totally brilliant song.

Oh! And I cannot praise Jamie Lidell’s new album enough. My friend J (see link on sidebar: Modern Things) totally hooked me up and this shit is beautiful. I think I’ll buy it on vinyl.

Last Thursday night I went to see Almost an Evening, which is actually a set of 3 brief plays written by Ethan Coen. I wrote a review about it as soon as I got home, but my internets was acting up and going craaaayzeee so it got fucked up and I had to delete it. I don’t have the heart to re-write it because the first time I wrote the review it was so brilliant and on-point, and I can’t replicate it. However, I do want to say that I loved it and found it hilarious. Like I got to see it for free (thanks to some special school offer) but I am seriously considering paying so I can see it again.

Peace y’all, gotta go listen to the new R.E.M. and write a review about it for school. I hope the album doesn’t suck, though it’s very likely it might.

Part Time Lover + A Full Time Friend

Rilo Kiley – “I Never

My token 90s friend asked me what I’d like my wedding song to be. I laughed heartily and almost chose something really terrible, but my sincere answer is “I Never” by Rilo Kiley. I figured I’d share.

But yeah, I hope I die before I get married.

Oh by the way, I saw Juno and I thought Michael Cera was so good in it! He kinda made me cry. It was a really cute movie, plus it had a gratuitous Sonic Youth dis which I appreciated wholeheartedly.

Okay, I’m off to bed, now.

EDIT 12/18: I just realized a lot of people are googling the phrase “part time lover and full time friend,” I’m assuming because you’re trying to find out what the song is. The Moldy Peaches‘ “Anyone Else But You” is featured heavily in the movie, here is a link to the soundtrack. The soundtrack includes the version by Ellen Page and Michael Cera. Try to avoid Amazon (+ iTunes) and buy from your local indie store though! They need your support!

EDIT 1/21: Holy weird shit Batman! I was just watching The View (shut up!) and Kimya and Adam were totally on the show to sing “Anyone Else But You”! Oh my god. So weird. As soon as I saw the movie I felt tremors that there would be a Moldy Peaches renaissance. It’s not that I hate the band–I liked them okay when I was younger, I loved “Lucky Number Nine,” but c’mon, they haven’t been together for years. They’ve moved on and I’ve moved on, and I really don’t care to hear from people, “OMG have you heard that great new band, The Moldy Peaches?” What am I gonna say? “Yeah, back in 2001”?

Anyway, they seemed very shy and detached during the performance, and I couldn’t tell if it was because they didn’t want to retread their old stuff or if they were just weirded out by the fact they were ON THE FUCKING VIEW, but they interviewed very nicely.

Then again, this might lead people to learn about “anti-folk” which will lead people to learn about people like Jeffrey Lewis!

EDIT 2/11: I got the New York Times yesterday and Ellen Page was on the cover. They call her performance in Juno a “breakthrough,” which is not something I will argue. (Click on the NYT link, there’s video footage.) Oh man, and Jason Reitman was featured on CBS Sunday Morning! I’m jealous. If I ever wanted to be famous, that would be a landmark for me. You know you’re really famous when even old people are hip on who you are. Congratulations, dude!

Favorite Songs of 2007; Notable Shows.

I was looking for some inspiration for my “best of 2007” lists so when I stumbled onto Largehearted Boy’s collection of best of lists, I tried to look at every one of them. It was such a bad idea, I worked backwards from Z and only got to S. It’s not that I don’t think these lists are valid. I like that the collected list of lists mixes up reg’lar folks’ lists along with more notable people’s lists, like Nic Harcourt’s, but damn! Why they all gotta say the same 20 or so albums! TO COME: My fave albums of 2007.

Anyway, here are my favorite songs this year:

Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2007*

(1) “Gotta Work” by Amerie
(2) “Eres para mi” by Julieta Venegas featuring Anita Tijoux
(3) “Paperbag” by Mutya Buena
(4) “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly & AJ
(5) “Para no vivir desesperado” by Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
(6) “Pal norte” by Calle 13 featuring Orishas
(7) “Umbrella” by Rihanna
(8) “It’s the Beat” by Simian Mobile Disco
(9) “D.A.N.C.E.” by Justice
(10) “About You Now” by Sugababes

* I totally didn’t put M.I.A. on this list… I can’t decide whether I like “Boyz” or “Jimmy” better. Also, “Paperbag” is not a single but that song is SO GOOD!

ALSO: Some shows I enjoyed this year include Café Tacuba (the second time around with Austin tv opening), Patrick Wolf at Studio B, and Cool Calm Pete at Northsix’s at the Def Jux showcase during CMJ.


Shit, I am such a sucker. I just downloaded the new Radiohead. I just couldn’t handle everyone going crazy over it, I got curious so there you go. I downloaded the album. I didn’t pay anything, but I did give up my personal information to the official site. We’ll see if they use my name and address for malicious reasons. You never know with Radiohead, what with Thom Yorke’s “malocchio” and all.

Okay, obviously I’m just being melodramatic. Well, I’m listening to the album and I’m happy to verify that I will never be a Radiohead fan. I do like some of their songs, and I did think some of the Thom Yorke solo was cool, but they’re just NEVER gonna be THAT BAND that ROCKS MY MO’FUCKIN’ WORLD. So I guess it’s good that I paid $0 for the album. I hear they’re cooler live, but obviously I’ll never get a chance to see them live, nor do I think it would be fair of me to snatch up a ticket that could go to a real hardcore fan. Oh, well.

I got a copy of the new Buck 65, Situation. It’s disappointing. I mean I didn’t finish listening to it, but it’s like, I’ve gotten past 10 tracks out of 17 and none of them really grabbed me immediately. I would still sleep with him if I had the chance, but the most recent stuff isn’t that memorable, sry2say. I do feel like some of the tracks will grow on me, but I dunno. If you’re already a fan you might dig it, but if you’ve never listened to him, this is NOT the right introductory album. The US-released This Right Here… isn’t a good introduction either, though I think it’s meant to be. Just go listen to Talkin’ Honky Blues, just cos it’s some weird shit, even now I get the heebie-jeebies when I hear the “Riverbed” bits.

Okay, enough ranting. My friend at Sup magazine is hosting a CMJ partay, sounds really fun. Y’all should go to it and get (responsibly) drunk. BTW, that link to the Disconap blog? Holy shit, I had no idea that Kylie Minogue had a new song out. I gotta tell you, it’s no “Step Back in Time,” but whatevs, I love her to pieces. SHE’S A SURVIVOR Y’ALL.

Oh, and here’s the vid to Calle 13’s “Pal norte” which features Orishas.

Can I just say, PG-13 (the singer girl in Calle 13) is incredibly talented. I love her! She’s so young, I can totally see her going off and doing her own solo shit. In the video below she is singing in my most favorite Calle 13 song ever, “Hormiga Brava.” Though I think it’s too bad that the vocals are so high cos you can’t hear all the intricacies of the song arrangement.

Zoé, The Pinker Tones + Cuarto Poder @ Prospect Park (Celebrate Brooklyn).

I guess I missed the announcement, if there was any, but Chetes was a no show last night. This was even more puzzling because his bio in the program says he’s moved to Brooklyn. So I really don’t know what happened.

I got there around 7:15 but the music had already started! And then I was really shocked because there were seats! Most of them were empty, but by the time Zoé came on there were probably a few thousand people. There was also a grassy area in the back where a lot of people were chillin’ and picnic-in’. I didn’t dig the set up too much, because there was a huge press pit, which stayed fairly empty because VIP people have no gratitude for having ~*SUPER SPECIAL WRISTBANDS*~.

Cuarto Poder subbed for the pop singer-songwriter, and you know what? Ultimately, this was a much better lineup. There were hundreds of empty seats at that point but Cuarto Poder, who hail from Venezuela, gave a really good show. At first I was like, “Oh yeah, I’m totally missing the Calle 13 show right now, boohoohoo,” but Cuarto Poder won me over! They were totally cute. I’m sure as hip-hoppers they’ll be a little offended by my use of the word “cute,” but I swear I mean it in the best sense possible. Their songs were fun, energetic, and they worked hard to engage the audience. They had two guys dancers, too. I’m surprised they didn’t have scantily-clad women as dancers, but shoot, I’m not complaining, the dudes were good-looking and they had obviously practiced a lot. The whole group seemed focused and professional and I appreciated that. Oh, and the DJ was really cool, he also played bass and I think guitar and he sang a bit too. Good times.

The Pinker Tones (from Spain) were okay. I was surprised because I kept thinking they were a duo, but then three of them showed up, hahaha. I was actually really tired by that point and since they’re pretty much a DJ group, they mixed their songs so that the entire set felt like one looooong song. Even worse, I have a short attention span, so having them play one looooong song was brutal to sit through. No, I wasn’t dancing. The music was fun, I guess. I just… it was goofy to just watch. They seemed to be having a lot of fun, but they were dancing and jumping around like they were still pimply 17-year-olds in their rooms dancing awkwardly to their favorite techno records. At the same time, I found them a lot more fun live than what I’d heard on record. I do think they tried. I mean, they know that being a DJ standing behind turntables isn’t the most engaging thing in the world, so they had this really elaborate video setup. There was animation, some sort of weird collage work that reminded me of the Manú Chao website (hehe), live action stuff too. They didn’t take themselves too seriously which made them much more likable. It was really funny, they were all wearing jackets and at one point they all decided to take them off, so they threw the jackets behind them, but one of the dude’s jackets hit one of the other DJs right in the face. Overall, I kinda wish I’d just seen them doing a set in some crappy club instead of seeing them in broad daylight, outside.

What can I say about Zoé? They’ve obviously been around for a very long time. The show went pretty flawlessly. My one disappointment: I really wanted to hear “No me destruyas” but I think my expectations were too high… I ended up being underwhelmed. At the same time, most songs sounded fantastic live. Never been a big fan of “Vía lactea” but it was compelling to hear last night! And I didn’t think “Paula” would translate well onto the stage but it was great! It was moving! I wished I hadn’t gone alone and I had someone to hug as I listened to the song!

The singer dude seemed a little out of it. It was as if he really wanted to be THERE but he just needed some substances first. I feel he felt better once he lit a cigarette. He sounded “japi” to be in “Bruclin”. He’s not just flaquito, he’s really gangly. It was fun to watch him moving around the stage. I feel like the band was really enjoying their time here and the singer dude was upset about the press pit (¡yo también, hombre!). He mentioned it was kinda hard when most everyone was so far away, and he was like asking the festival people if the kids couldn’t just jump the barricade and come into the pit. I thought that was really sweet. And eventually for the last song they did allow us reg’lar folk into the pit (I stayed put, I was happy where I was).

Well, the last song was “Love” and I… I don’t know why that song is so addictive. I did think my heart was going to explode, which I didn’t expect at all. Everyone was so happy to hear the song, and people were climbing onto the stage, and the security was busy tackling all the kids, and I think the security were rougher with the guys, but the singer dude was still upset that security was being so lame, and it was even worse because he kept singing about “love, love, love” and here we were with security taking their jobs too seriously. Honestly, I think people who climb the stage and run to the singer and dry hump the singer are totally embarrassing. But the singer dude sounded pretty annoyed and it almost ruined the awesomeness of the song.

What a great night!

And today… Café Tacuba! Gemelos! And a house party, too!

Four for the Fourth.

Brilliant. I got sick right on time for Independence Day. I woke up at 7, felt awful and then woke up again past noon. Damn. So much lost time, though I guess I would have spent it online watching YouTube vids. But I hope everyone (in the US) is enjoying a fine hot dog or three.

The video above is Javiera Mena being interviewed on some Mexican cable show called Konec-TV (they’re on the same channel as In-D).

Here’s a few songs that have nothing to do with the fourth of July, but they’re still made by fairly indie artists. A li’l bit of rock, a li’l bit of rap, some pop and… some dub. Today is a U.S. holiday, but these artists aren’t necessarily from the U.S.

Los Abandoned – Van Nuys es Very Nice
Edan (featuring Insight) – The Science of the Two
Javiera Mena – Sol de invierno
Tabby Cat Kelly – Don’t Call Us Immigrants

This last song is so beautiful. I love it to pieces. The way the song is manipulated (with whatever magical studio tricks) is pretty awesome, too.

MoCCA fest 2007.

Holy moly!!  I just watched the new Amerie vid!!  For “Gotta Work”!  Here!  My token hip-hop friend sent it to me.

So last Saturday I had a ~*JAMMIN’*~ time at the MoCCA festival.  I got to meet Alison Bechdel (I also went to a panel she led which was really interesting), and I got a book signed by Adrian Tomine (it was 32 Stories), and I bought Epileptic and these other David B. books called Babel.  I haven’t gotten to the latter comics yet but I did finish 32 Stories and it was fantastic.  It’s also weird to see how much Adrian Tomine’s lettering improved over time.  These Finnish comic book artists showed up, too, which was really cool but their books were expensive (and mostly in Finnish) so I only took this free booklet with their bios.  Their work seems really beautiful and I hope to check it out eventually.  I also saw a poster announcing that the Persepolis movie is coming out this fall!  I hope it’s good.  I think it will be, because I think the Iranian government or something has already condemned it, or something like that.  Haha.  Seriously, don’t they have better things to do, like running their country?

Selena Was Onto Something.

Not that you care to know, but I’ve come to the conclusion that, after many an indie pop rock party, I really can’t dance to that shit very well. What I really want to dance to is cumbia. That shit gets my ass moving like you wouldn’t believe. The thing that really sucks is that I can’t listen to Selena out in public no more; it pains me to hear the music through my earphones and not have the whole world hear it too and enjoy it and dance with me.

Selena – Baila esta cumbia

Please Hold.

Hey bitches,

Been a bit busy. See there’s this thing called “school” and I for some goddamn mysterious stupid ass reason give a damn about my grades. Can you believe it? I’m way too old to still care so much about getting As. Or in my case, hoping for Bs, haha.

Here’s a few songs. One by my favorite Afro-Filipino soul singer, Joe Bataan; another recent one from the Calle 13; and probably my most played song this week, “Tren al Sur” by one of my favorite new wave bands ever, Los Prisioneros.

Joe Bataan – Young, Gifted and Brown
Calle 13 – Un beso de desayuno
Los Prisioneros – Tren al Sur

Be back soonish,

PS: Apparently Joe Bataan is the dad of the girl who won a spot as a Pussycat Doll recently. Not sure if this is true but damn.

Fave Music Videos by Latino Artists

A continuation of my previous post.

Los Prisioneros (Chile) – We Are Sudamerican Rockers

Soda Stereo (Argentina) – Cuando pase el temblor

Café Tacuba (Mexico) – Aviéntame

Vaquero (Mexico, again) – Sunshine

and because I can’t post this one enough:

Zoé (Mexico) – No me destruyas

ALSO! Here’s a video by Los Bunkers, “Miño.” It’s probably the best song this Chilean band has written. This song is named after this man who committed suicide (in public!) by setting himself in flames. It’s a long story, but one that shocked me when I found out the basis of this song.

Patrick Wolf @ Studio B

I went to see Patrick Wolf at Studio B last night. It was one of the funnest shows I’ve been to in a while. I actually can’t remember the last show I was at, and it makes me sad. Wait, no, it was Mos Def, wasn’t it? Shit, sometimes it’s good to have a blog so that I can remember things.

I’d been meaning to wean myself off concert-going, but yesterday I remembered all the good things that I loved about going to shows. I was so tired and all day I just wanted to take a nap but it was fairly worth it. There were a few things that sucked about last night but for the most part it was a pretty sweet show and the music was excellent.

The Bad Parts:

– No opener band listed, but they showed up anyway. I’m using the term “band” is the loosest sense possible. They were called Dreamburger and I refuse to link them and I suggest you don’t bother googling them, because they were really just truly awful. They were just three girls who seriously looked like they’d started their band act two weeks earlier, with band rehearsals that consisted of bitching about how wasted they were from last night’s party instead of actually practicing. I was surprised that they had more than three songs. I’m using the term “song” in the loosest sense possible. For a bit I thought I’d cut them some slack because I thought, “Well, I guess they’re enjoying themselves, and they’re not backing down from the heckling, which I respect.” BUT THEN… they decided to unleash a motherfucking dembow beat to rap over. YES. I’M USING THE TERM “RAP” IN THE LOOSEST SENSE POSSIBLE. That’s when I turned dead fuckin serious. Their set officially turned into a minstrel show. Okay, so you wanna use a dembow beat, that’s okay cos it’s a cool beat and all the kids are trying it out these days, but you had to be rappin about “papis” and shit? These are the sort of kids who go to the muthafuckin Kill Whitey parties because they’re scared the “big black scary dudes” at real hip-hop parties are gonna try to rub up against them. Don’t ask me why it took me until that point to get angry, the whole thing was just terrible. I seriously wanted these girls to GTFO.

I do feel a li’l bit bad about heckling them so much though. Damn, sometimes I wish I didn’t have a conscience.

– Doors were supposed to be at 10 but we waited for a longass time. Like maybe half an hour? Of course it wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been so cold. At least the staff tried to keep us calm and were nice.

– We had a sort of MC girl who actually introduced Patrick and everything. Such a useless job.

– Patrick Wolf’s set was really short. Like maybe the opening band and Patrick had the same amount of time on stage. What a muthafuckin cocktease. The next time he comes around it better be a full show.

The Good Parts:

– It was nice to see Patrick Wolf now, fully formed into this persona of AWESOME. Absolute command on the stage, but very amicable, too. And he totally milked the ambiguously gay shit to his full advantage. He played really good shit, a mix of Wind in the Wires shit and Magic Position shit. Also, the encore was a disco song and it was jamming. Oh yeah, and he totally did this whole “I’m bringing sexy back” ad lib to one of his songs. AHHH IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. After waiting so long, I felt so damn satisfied to have fulfilled this dream of finally seeing this dude up on stage prancing and singing. Oh, and props to the backing band! They were wonderful and the sound was excellent!!

– A lot of kids danced along and cheered and knew all the words even to the older songs. Usually I’m a prick about people and I’m like, “Ew STFU you n00bs I’ve loved ____ before you were born,” etc. But I genuinely felt like I wasn’t the only one who was waiting impatiently for this dude to show up, it felt like everyone had been waiting multiple years as well!! And so many of the kids were funny and nice and just overall awesome. We bonded during the opening set and for the most part we were all looking out for each other and just having fun. Seriously, one of the few shows where the kids were for the most part really awesome and there for the music. One of my friends pointed out it’s because people let go of trying to act too cool for school and just had fun. The ratio of girls to gay guys to straight guys was pretty much 1:1:0. The level of sassy at Studio B was off the motherfucking charts.

– The DJs playing between sets were off the hook!! The Studio B site says that the DJs were The Bangers and Eamon Harkin. The music was so good; it was dance-y electronic music but not pounding in an overwhelming way until it drove you crazy.

Here are some older tracks by Patrick Wolf that I love:

Patrick Wolf – “A Boy Like Me” from Lycanthropy.

Patrick Wolf – “Tristan” from Wind in the Wires.

Also, here’s a track that features a dembow beat, which is the beat used in the majority of reggaetón tracks.  I love Ivy Queen!!

Ivy Queen – “Te he querido, te he llorado

Quero Amor Sincero.

Oh shit, I was so excited about writing one of those “I’M BACK BITCH(ES)” posts that I forgot about the really exciting song that has entered my life and made it marginally happier.

So there’s this dude, Tim Maia. If you’re Brazilian you probably know about him already. Or if you’ve watched Cidade de Deus, you’ve heard his music.

I heard the soundtrack to the movie way before I watched the damn thing, and once I heard his song, my mind was blown! On the soundtrack it is titled “No caminho do bem,” and it comes right at the end, so I pretty much waited the entire movie to hear the song. (Er, the movie was awesome too, of course, in its own soul-sucking sort of way.)

Recently I got an itch to know more about this guy, I seriously thought he was someone like Seu Jorge, making his mark in the music world NOW, but I realized Tim Maia has been around a long time. Like, he’s been around for so long that when he first showed up in the scene, “funk” meant like American funk and not like “funk carioca” (or what Americans generally call “baile funk”), the latter of which is mostly a phenomenon out of Rio.

My method of researching this dude meant that I went on Soulseek (I know, I’m terrible) and instead of downloading his millions of albums, I just chose the ones that had interesting titles. I learned that “No caminho do bem” is the wrong title; it’s “O caminho do bem,” but I think it’s written incorrectly on the soundtracks so I don’t feel so bad. Plus it totally does sound like, “no” instead of “o.”

WHATEVER, the point is that one of the songs that piqued my interest was called “Não quero dinheiro (só quero amar).” I thought it was a cute song title. But once I listened to the song, I couldn’t stop pressing play again. This is really a song that needs no translation: it’s rare when the words and the music to a song fit each other so well. It’s so uplifting and happy I can’t take it. I just want to play the shit out of this song it’s so damn beautiful.

Ummm. No, I don’t think I’m overreacting. Give it a try.

Tim Maia – “O caminho do bem

Tim Maia – “Não quero dinheiro (só quero amar)

On a semi-related note, go to this awesome post from Motel de Moka for some hot Brazilian jamzzz. Good shit.