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More Funnies.

Well, I visited Midtown Comics for the first time because at MoCCA fest they were handing out 25% off coupons that were only valid through this weekend.  I bought the last volume of Y: The Last Man, the first volume of DMZ which looks like it’s going to make me anxious as fuck, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Batman: Year 100 which was kind of a consolation prize for not being able to get Paul Pope’s 100% in paperback just yet (and also because Batman is awesome, obvs).  I got a free issue of Spider-Man, “Grim Hunt: The Kraven Saga.”  I’m not sure why, but I’m not complaining.

The only purchase I’d really planned for was the Y: The Last Man.  I was really looking to get the aforementioned Paul Pope and some Sandman but hilariously and inconveniently they didn’t have the volumes I’m still missing.  Sheesh.  Doesn’t matter, I’m still really excited and happy about my purchase.  Yay trade paperbacks!

I remembered that it was Record Store Day so I decided to swing by Other Music.  There was a queue to just get inside!  I scoffed at the line and went on my merry way.

I’m not sure what the point of this post is.  Trying to define my pathetic life’s worth through knick knacks or summat.



It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, I just can’t imagine that anyone would care. Which is funny, because it’s not like I’m writing for anyone but myself. So really, what I’m saying is that I have plenty to say but I find it all pointless and not worth uttering into existence. It’s like a light switched has been turned off inside me. You could call it a depression. I’m keen on blaming the weather instead.

No Nostalgia Here.

Hm, I haven’t been to Super 45 in a while so I’m a week late on this post on the worst songs of the 90s. It’s a pretty interesting glimpse into what sort of stuff was big in Chile.

I was quite offended that they included “I Will Always Love You” in the list; I wish they’d included notes on the songs and justified why they were included on the list. Like if they’d said “Whitney butchers the song, ¡que viva Dolly!” I’d be willing to accept the song’s inclusion on this list. But the song itself? Beautiful. Dolly Parton is a brilliant songwriter-amusement park owner-plastic surgery enthusiast, okay?

The other thing that surprised me was the lack of Laura Pausini. As a little girl I fucking adored Laura Pausini but let’s face it, she’s made some incredible mediocrities and she’s a huge star in Latin America, which I would expect to mean she’s a pretty obvious target. Totally should have been on the list. Then again, Celine Dion is on that list, and for some reason I mentally put them in the same category.

Look What I Found in My Files.


An old Cat & Girl comic I modified… I almost forgot I had it.  I’m not sure what the text was in the original strip.

This Post Is Brought To You By The Letters S, T, F, and U.

The Internet gods are smiling down on me.

Some lovely, thoughtful individual converted and uploaded this mofuckin’ remix of Christian Bale’s recent freakout.

Here’s the mp3!!
And here’s the requisite ONTD post about it, if you missed it. But really! HOW COULD YOU HAVE MISSED IT??

Extreme Makeovers.

Ohhh… I’m just buggin’ out right now. I realized that I hadn’t been to the AV Club site in a while (which I think coincides with the fact that I haven’t watched a lot of TV since Pushing Daisies died in its ass), so I promptly went over to the website only to be assaulted by a … NEW LAYOUT! Dun dun dunnnnn!! Change is frightening. And yet, I think I will like it, mostly because the comments system was upgraded. Yay.

Fuck, now I’m anxiously waiting to see how the new Super45 layout is gonna turn out. There’s just so much that could go wrong. The hilarious thing is that the Super45 posse has been nice enough to ask for their readers’ input, but I really can’t think of what I want. It’s more like, I know what I don’t want.

One makeover I’m happy about? The construction work for the new Alice Tully Hall is reaching its end. I’ve passed by the Lincoln Center area a couple of times, and I gotta tell you the building looks pretty swanky. They worked on it pretty quickly too, and without closing stuff like the Walter Reade. Hurrah! Now that’s what I call efficiency.

More Random Goodies.

(1) Some comics I finished reading include The Bottomless Belly Button, Crickets #1 and #2, Eightball #22 (Ice Haven), Heavy Liquid, Nocturnal Conspiracies, and a while back, Watchmen. So even though I haven’t gotten started on my reading challenges I’ve been on a pretty sweet comics streak, not to mention I totally got a copy of McSweeney’s #13 for 64 cents. Yup yup! Okay, so the McSweeney’s book is totally missing a few pages (WTF) but most of it is pretty intact and as great as when I first read it. My supplier says he will get me more comics which I’m really excited about.

(2) Alberto Fuguet upgraded his blog(s)! Now they’re just one blog located at his official website (click here). Filled with a bout of bravery–or maybe it’s just stupidity–he’s decided to allow comments!

(3) Speaking of other blogs, The Complete Review did a little survey of the past 100 reviews they’ve done in order to answer “How international are we?” Sometimes I grumble to myself that they “never” review the shit I’d like to know more about, but seeing stuff like this survey makes me appreciate the site so much more. If only other sites were as conscientious about giving well-rounded coverage to all sorts of lit in all sorts of languages from all sorts of places.

Another thing, in Three Percent, Chad Post wrote recently about doing a radio interview in which people submitted questions through mofuckin’ Twitter. !!! I’m telling you, until the moment I read about this, I really had no sense of Twitter being useful. I understood that it could be interesting, but I didn’t see how useful it could be. Except now that I see what its capabilities are, I wish EVERY fucking Q&A session ever would require the average civilian to Twitter in their question… if only because whenever I go to a Q&A, or hear one on the radio or whatever, the questioner just tends to meander while setting up their question for like three solid minutes and then finally asks a really dumb or shallow question that can either be answered in one word, or is way too fucking complicated for the recipient to answer it concisely. Ugh. Where has this 140 character limit been all my life!

The radio interview that Chad did was kinda “meh,” mostly because the host of the show didn’t seem very up on the concept of literature in translation. It made for awkward interview exchanges.

(4) Um, you can read Eunoia on the internets for free. Amazing! Incroyable!

(5) Okay, confession time. I have a shitload of records that have been left unopened for years (it’s a long story), and I finally finally listened to some of them, including the first album by The Evens. I have a love/hate thing for Ian MacKaye, so it was a pleasant surprise that I really liked it. Dude, I’m on their Wikipedia page and it says that Ian and his fellow Evens lady friend Amy totally procreated. Now, y’all know Wikipedia don’t lie, so it must be true. Can you believe it? There’s a mini-Ian ready to wreak havoc on the world! Haha, I kid. I’m really happy for them, actually.

(6) The latest issue of Bomb magazine is titled the “Americas Issue,” even though it mostly focuses on the Southern Cone. It’s kind of annoying because I’m so sure there must be some great artistic scenes in every country in Latin America that we just don’t know about. (In their defense, they did include a reprint of an interview with Guillermo Cabrera Infante.) I’m not complaining too much, though, because they included a feature on Nicanor Parra as well as an interview with Babasónicos, which continues online here.

[Edit 1/14: Haha, I didn’t realize that the Americas Issue is an annual issue focusing on different areas of the Americas. So that’s why this particular issue focuses on Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Santiago. My bad!]


I watch this video, and I see how big Karen Carpenter’s smile is, and I watch how skilled she is playing the drums, and it bums me the fuck out. I listened to my Carpenters CD recently and I hated that the vocals are so far up in the mix. I wished I could hear the arrangements better, especially when they included parts where she’s drumming. What I really like in this video is that you can tell she studied drumming, the way she plays is more akin to a jazz drummer than, say, some kid in a punk band just functioning as a timekeeper.

By the way, if you haven’t seen Todd Haynes’s Karen Carpenter biopic (?), Superstar, starring a handful of Barbie dolls, you should just watch it on Google video here. And for this, I thank god that the internets exists. It’s actually a really good movie, I learned a lot about anorexia and I also learned that the Carpenter siblings weren’t such big squares in their private lives.

(8) Dude! I started rewatching Mad Men and it’s most excellent. Especially after having devoured the two seasons and knowing what’s gonna happen, it’s cool to go back and see certain hints that were dropped along the way that were very revealing about the characters. I’m also stunned by how fresh the writing feels, even though I’ve heard all the lines already. Can’t get enough of Pete and Peggy.

(9) My guitar is dead. Broken. I hadn’t picked it up in a while so I don’t know what happened, exactly. But I’m still fucking sad because it’s irreparable.

Iván the Awesome.

So there’s this blog called Moleskine Literario, right? Sometimes I’d stumble upon it when I would be looking up stuff about Latin American authors or books, blah blah. Well recently I found out that it’s written by an actual novelist named Iván Thays. In fact, he was named one of the Bogotá 39, a list that fascinates me endlessly if only because of the demographics of the group. (For example, I’m pleasantly surprised about the inclusion of Alarcón and Díaz, whose major works are primarily in English though, admittedly, Alarcón does have a hand in Etiqueta Negra which is very much in Spanish.) Anyways, I have never read Thays’s work, not that I haven’t tried. Today I went to the Mid-Manhattan library to pick up the 25th Hour DVD that was waiting for me and I swung by upstairs to check out the Spanish language fiction section. Nada. Puede ser que hay copias de sus libros en el sistema del NYPL… but if they exist they were snatched by other mofos who are more “in” on the current Peruvian lit scene than I am.

ANYWAY. The whole point is that I like the blog a lot but the website has this annoying feature that, whenever I click on the website the first time I land on the blog, I get a fucking pop-under. Argh. Every time it happens I just want to give Thays a fucking noogie and yell at him to quit that shit. I don’t understand why he’d allow advertising on his personal blog. C’mon, dude. It’s irrimatating. That’s why I don’t actually visit it frequently, I’ll maybe visit it like, once a week and just try to catch up on the first page. And I try to avoid clicking on the first page so that I won’t get the pop-under.

Imagine, then, the surprise at reading this post.

Yo me hice fanático de la serie Candy (sí, tengo mi venus en Libra y tengo mi lado femenino bien desarrollado, ¿les jode?)…

Loosely: “I became a fan of Candy Candy (yes, I have my Venus in Libra and my feminine side is well-developed, does that bother you?)…”

When I read this I seriously cracked up. Shit, I didn’t even finish reading the post, which is about Marx’s Capital in manga form. The comments on the post are hilarious too. It’s just weird hearing a grown dude say he totally loved Candy Candy, and it’s also awesome because it just sparked a nostalgia-fest in my frigid little heart.

Irresistible, no?

Though honestly, I was really into Saint Seiya as a kid. In Spanish, the title was something like, “Knights of the Zodiac.” It really sucked that there weren’t many cool female characters, usually they were very fragile and fey. Seriously, that show was a total sausage-fest. My memory tells me that much later in the series, there were some badass female characters, but I’m not entirely sure. Regardless, I really liked the whole Greek mythology aspect of the story.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, Moleskine Literario. Besides the unfortunate pop-under business, it’s a really fun blog, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. I wonder what his fiction writing is like?

Baila Conmigo.


I have a YouTube account and I have music videos uploaded on it. Until today, I had three videos, except I received an email telling me that someone complained about one of my videos. The reason was that the complainant owned the copyright to the video. I know it’s not a unique situation, it happens all the fucking time, but I still find the whole thing quite odd. I didn’t think that the artist of the music video I uploaded would be the sort of bastard who would whine about it (or maybe it was the director??). The other thing is, it took the complainant about two years to bitch about the fact I uploaded this video. Last, it’s not even my most popular music video upload, I doubt it reached half a million (even a quarter of a million) hits during its existence. Honestly, I uploaded that video because I loved the song so much, and I didn’t receive a single miserable penny for plugging that song, so why do I have to be penalized for it?

That said, I’m happy that they didn’t nuke my account in its entirety. Oh well. Lo que será, será.

In more depressing news, I heard Beverly Hills Chihuahua hit número uno in the box office. AGAIN. Really? Who are you people and why are you spending money on stuff like that? I’d rather lose all my money on the stock market than willingly waste it on movies like that.

Upcoming posts include: a reading by two international writers, my first trip to the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, and a night at the theater. Stay tuned!

On Books and On Time.

I’ve been absent from here.  I’m sure you don’t care.  But I do want to spend a few minutes writing about this absence.

When I graduated from school a few months ago, one of things that excited me most was the prospect of finally being able to read whatever the fuck I pleased for whatever fucking reason I wanted.  No more assigned reading?  Hurrah!

So here I’ve been, these past few months, and I have all this time in my hands, but I’m not sure how to divide it properly.  Most of my time is spent at work, or asleep, or eating a meal, and then finally there’s some sort of leisure time.  It’s bad enough I haven’t been keeping in contact with people, but then there’s the constant “Should I be reading or should I be writing?” issue.  It’s the kind of reading too.  I have all this fiction on my shelves waiting to be read, and then there’s all these blogs that matter a lot to me and have so much of substance to say that must be read NOW because in the blog world timeliness is next to godliness, right?

And then in terms of writing I have to decide whether I want to blog, or write in my real journal, or if I want to work on little poems and cuentos and such–all of this writing is basically worthless but somehow fulfilling.

On top of that I’m such a fiend with pop culture that I have a fierce desire to keep up with television and such not just because I love it but because it’s a great way to connect with people.

Anyway, my priorities have been as such: work, food, sleep, reading, and writing.

Work is going great, I spend most of my money on food, I sleep as fitfully as I have done for most of my life.  I’ve been reading some awesome shit.  Like at McNally Jackson, I magically found (multiple!) copies of Etiqueta Negra which blew my mind.  Y’know, that magazine that Daniel Alarcón is affiliated with.  I spent ten sweet dollars on it, which was a shitload of money but I still hope that my purchase will signal to them that people are interested in those sorts of magazines.

I finally got these Sandman volumes from the library that I’d been awaiting for a couple of months.  I finished The Doll’s House and it was almost as exciting as the first time I read it.  Neil Gaiman is untouchable.  He was around last night at some event for his new book, which I’d had a chance to go.

The other great thing I’ve been reading tonight is this blog called Three Percent, which focuses on literature in translation.  I’ve spent a few hours checking out their older posts and I just want to weep with excitement because sometimes you feel so alone…  After graduation I’ve been gravitating more and more towards authors who don’t publish in English, so this sort of blog (that leads to even more blogs!!) is heavenly, just because I can see that my interest isn’t unique and because it means there’s a chance to participate in continuing dialogues about literature around the world.

Speaking of translations, I noticed that Oscar Wao has finally been translated into Spanish.  I was curious as to how they would pull that off, so I glanced at a copy and I was like, “OH.  MY.  GOD.”  You know what they did?  There is an extra set of footnotes.  If you’ve read the novel, you know that Díaz uses extensive footnotes, except the novel in general makes so many references to all sorts of shit (not just sci-fi namecheckin’) that the Spanish translators had to add their own footnotes to give context.  Yikes!  That must be a bitch to read!  I can’t even understand how they handled the whole Spanglish issue.

Sigh…  The suckiest thing for me right now is knowing that certain books exist and not being able to buy them because having them shipped from far away is just too expensive.  (Oh, hello Ville Ranta… I hope to own Papa est un peu fatigué someday…)  This is the sort of shit that makes me regret that I went to a private university.  What with the shitty economy, I fear I’ll never pay off my loans.  What about the public library, you say?  They don’t even carry Andrés Caicedo!  How am I supposed to learn what Fuguet is fucking fussing about if I can’t get a copy of Caicedo’s works?  Bah!

In Limbo.

Hello all! My internet connection at home is still non-existent. I’ve been bumming around, reading Fuguet‘s Por favor, rebobinar, which has been surprising at every turn, I keep wanting to pull away and say that Fuguet is too cool for school, but he packs a mean emotional punch into his stories. True fact: I didn’t know what the word “rebobinar” meant until I was like, 200 pages into the book. I got curious so I googled it when I was at work, haha.

I missed Wire last night, who played a show at the South Street Seaport for free. I felt iffy so I stayed home… I’m sure I missed out with Wire pero bueno, ya están viejitos y solo conozco sus dos primeros discos, so I’m not that upset about it. I’m sure they put on a solid show.

I watched the National Spelling Bee, which I find equally suspenseful and infuriating. One of the few words I spelled perfectly was “huapango.” I’d never heard of the word, but they said it was derived from a Mexican geographical name o algo así, so I was able to guess it correctly without looking at the TV screen. The kid who got that word spelled the word incorrectly and was eliminated; I felt bad because “wapango” was a perfectly good guess, even “guapango” would have made sense. Sad. The kid who won was great, though; I appreciated that he took his time and really thought about the words before he responded.

I have decided that, although I’ve never listened to DJ /rupture‘s music, he is pretty much the awesomest person ever, mostly cos (a) he really really likes cumbia (omaigá, ¡yo también!) and (b) he wrote that feature on Fader about El Guinchito. Y’all should check out that recent post he made with the Julieta Venegas remix on it. I can’t wait for her to come to NYC! I had a wild fantasy that Anita Tijoux was gonna show up & janguear* con la Julieta and Bitman, but she’s gonna be busy in Chile that week, so… HEY WAIT THE FUCK UP. DJ Raff‘s MySpace says he’s playing with Bitman for the Central Park show. HOLY MUTHERFUCK. Acabo de desmayarme from the excitement yo!!!

Hey, TTSO posted an interview they did with Nuuro y también un tipo llamado Bufi. I’d never heard of the latter but I checked out his MySpace and that shit is solid, at least on first listen.

Sorry this post is all over the place. I’m putting off work and just going stream-of-consciousness.

“Another Day” by Jamie Lidell. Not that impressive, but he looks pretty fly in that suit. At least it’s not as disappointing as the video for “Pijamas” by Babasónicos.

* I have finally accepted that the Spanglish version of “to hang out” is spelled janguear and not hanguear, which is the way I’ve been spelling it for a while.

Tudou Lo Que Quiero.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m on spring break and all I’ve been doing is watch movies on SurfTheChannel, mostly because recently I heard a rumor that the massive Chinese video site Tudou was going to be shut down.  I think Tudou is awesome so I worried, haha. I took the (false) rumor seriously cos we all know China’s serious about their censorship (hell, even Google had to bow down, right??), so I decided to watch quality family fare such as Léon and A Clockwork Orange, which were quite horrorshow, natch.

Of course I’ve been keeping busy in other ways. After all, there was Pi Day and the Ides of March and now Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s been fun. I bought a copy of Joe Bataan’s Riot on vinyl. Hope y’all have been well.

…And that’s why I haven’t been on the internets very much, not that anyone cares.

So We Are History.

Yesterday I bought a CD player.  I mean like a portable one.  Y’know, like in the late 20th century.  I’m so glad, except for the pesky earphones.  The earphones son una mierda, but boy, the CD player is swanky.

I went to see There Will Be Blood again.  I went with my dad, and he was blown away with it.  I was blown away with it, too.  I want to go see it in the theaters again. My dad and I laughed so hard at the movie.  The whole audience did.  And you should have heard the collective gasp in the final scene.  It was fantastic.

The Grammys were last night.  I can’t believe Amy Winehouse got the visa.  But I can believe she got lotsa awards… apparently.  I didn’t watch, the Grammys are irrelevant.

Okay, off to do homework.

Last Night’s Party.

I went to McNally Robinson yesterday because Marjane Satrapi (!!!) was gonna do a book signing, but as soon as I got there I saw a sign saying she cancelled. Due to illness. Boo!! A lot of people were inside and the disappointment was palpable in the air. I ended up buying a couple of books to heal the pain of not being able to meet my favorite Iranian-French cartoonist hottie.

Afterwards I went to this crazy party. I tried dancing to all 15 minutes of “Rapper’s Delight” but some motherfucker cut off the song after 12 minutes. Sigh. I still enjoyed myself a lot.

Part Time Lover + A Full Time Friend

Rilo Kiley – “I Never

My token 90s friend asked me what I’d like my wedding song to be. I laughed heartily and almost chose something really terrible, but my sincere answer is “I Never” by Rilo Kiley. I figured I’d share.

But yeah, I hope I die before I get married.

Oh by the way, I saw Juno and I thought Michael Cera was so good in it! He kinda made me cry. It was a really cute movie, plus it had a gratuitous Sonic Youth dis which I appreciated wholeheartedly.

Okay, I’m off to bed, now.

EDIT 12/18: I just realized a lot of people are googling the phrase “part time lover and full time friend,” I’m assuming because you’re trying to find out what the song is. The Moldy Peaches‘ “Anyone Else But You” is featured heavily in the movie, here is a link to the soundtrack. The soundtrack includes the version by Ellen Page and Michael Cera. Try to avoid Amazon (+ iTunes) and buy from your local indie store though! They need your support!

EDIT 1/21: Holy weird shit Batman! I was just watching The View (shut up!) and Kimya and Adam were totally on the show to sing “Anyone Else But You”! Oh my god. So weird. As soon as I saw the movie I felt tremors that there would be a Moldy Peaches renaissance. It’s not that I hate the band–I liked them okay when I was younger, I loved “Lucky Number Nine,” but c’mon, they haven’t been together for years. They’ve moved on and I’ve moved on, and I really don’t care to hear from people, “OMG have you heard that great new band, The Moldy Peaches?” What am I gonna say? “Yeah, back in 2001”?

Anyway, they seemed very shy and detached during the performance, and I couldn’t tell if it was because they didn’t want to retread their old stuff or if they were just weirded out by the fact they were ON THE FUCKING VIEW, but they interviewed very nicely.

Then again, this might lead people to learn about “anti-folk” which will lead people to learn about people like Jeffrey Lewis!

EDIT 2/11: I got the New York Times yesterday and Ellen Page was on the cover. They call her performance in Juno a “breakthrough,” which is not something I will argue. (Click on the NYT link, there’s video footage.) Oh man, and Jason Reitman was featured on CBS Sunday Morning! I’m jealous. If I ever wanted to be famous, that would be a landmark for me. You know you’re really famous when even old people are hip on who you are. Congratulations, dude!

Two on Music Journalists and One on People Before They Were Famous

(1) Oh man, I feel so validated!  Kelefa Sanneh digs Sugababes.  Post-Mutya Sugababes, but Sugababes nonetheless.  He likes “About You Now”!  SHUT UP!  I like “About You Now”! ZOMG KELEFA SANNEH LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS.  By the way, I’m getting used to the whole idea of Amelle.  I mean I guess she’s a nice gal, and I think she’s working hard.  No need to overhate, right?  Besides, I totally think that the biggest Sugabitch is Keisha.  Mm-hmm.

When will the bullshit parkour-influenced music videos stop??  At least the ladies are lookin’ fine.
(2)  Hey, speaking of awesome music journalists, have you read Sasha Frere-Jones’s piece on how “indie has lost its soul”?  Looks like someone’s shooting for inclusion in the 2008 edition of Da Capo’s Best Music Writing books, hehehe.  If you’re short on time (god knows I need to finish my midterm right now), just listen to the podcast.  Clickity click.  See, now I can’t fucking wait to see SFJ speak at the New School, cos I’m sure there’ll be a number of questions about this piece.  I think it’s on the first Monday in November.  Y’all should go!

(3) Unrelated: when I was back in the Bronx they were showing The Neverending Story 3, and guess who played the villain?  Jack Black!  Who’d have thought he was gonna end up in romantic movies with Kate Winslet, right?

¿Qué Onda Y’all?

So how have your LAMC experiences been so far? I know a number of you have been googling the LAMC recently and ended up here. Well, my experience so far has been pretty non-existent. It sucks not having money for a badge (I’m geeky and I would totally attend the panels if I could). It sucks being under 21, too, so I can’t really go to the ~*EXCLUSIVE*~ parties. It also sucks realizing that this event might actually be a big deal when you find out that tickets for Mala Rodríguez (for that Bowery Ballroom showcase) are “no longer available on Ticketweb.” Oy! I admit it’s totally my fault for hesitatin’, but when did the conference become a big deal? Sigh. It’s aight, I’m going to watch Transformers with my friend tomorrow, forget you fools who are lucky enough to have badges/tickets!

Honestly, I heard that Zoé had to cancel their Apple Store set because their gear didn’t arrive on time and I felt giddy inside… I figured if I couldn’t see them, no one should be able to either. :/ I’m a douchebag, it’s true. But their show at Prospect Park is still on!! And I can’t wait to see them. I’m just glad Shakespeare in the Park is on break maintenant. Having two jobs pays well, but it’s kinda stressful handing out programs to people like Vanessa Redgrave and trying not to FREAK OUT about it.

The biggest news I have today is that I learned how to type accents on my laptop. I’ve never had a laptop before so this is quite a revelation.

+ Some recommended reading:
Sergio Vodanovic (especially Viña)
Etgar Keret


At work last night, our supervisor showed up to tell us ushers that she had great news.  So someone asked, “You mean the Spice Girls reuniting?”  Our supervisor agreed that this was great news, but she really meant we’re gonna get free ponchos for when it rains.  We’ve gotten rained out several times; we even cancelled last night’s show as well as on Wednesday.  Technically, a little rain isn’t too bad, but there’s been lightning too, and that’s dangerous.  It’s great not having to work as late but it gets tedious waiting for the weather to get better, and it’s disappointing not to see the actual performance.  I saw one of the crew people approach the leads last night to confirm that the show really was cancelled, and they looked  pretty bummed as well.  But I feel especially bad for the people who lined up for hours to get tickets.

Speaking of the Spice Girls, time has really proven that “Wannabe” is a terrible song.  But “Say You’ll Be There” has aged surprisingly well

Random Goodies.

I dunno what to make of this video. No doubt the song is just “eh” but the video itself is very “Blow-Up.” What a head scratcher. How many pop stars do you know with videos that spoof cult movies based on great short stories that make no sense?

Did any of youse hear about this? Wack.

The most exciting thing that’s happened to me in the past week is that you can now find all the “Ask the AV Club” columns under one link instead of having to dig around the AV Club site to find all of them. Wish they woulda done it sooner but I’m just happy to have a go-to site where I can waste my time when I’m not doing a lot at work.

In terms of real news, I hear there was a shooting last night. At a Kennedy Fried Chicken. If that doesn’t say “ghetto,” I don’t know what does.

A Retraction.

Ugh, I totally recant what I said about not making a big deal when I see a celebrity. The thing is, this time I saw someone who is ACTUALLY famous, so I was really fucking excited. Especially cos I wasn’t sure it was him (he was wearing shades) but he was on the phone so when I heard his voice I was like WWW.ZOMGZ.COM!

So who did I see, you ask?


But no, he’s not my first hobbit sighting (wassup, Elijah Wood!), so I’m very surprised at myself for squealing out loud in front of him. Yikes, he must have thought I was insane!

Random track of the day:

Half Man Half Biscuit – Joy Division Oven Gloves

Please Disregard This Post.


I wonder if ratings will go down for American Idol now? Hm.


Honestly, I don’t have anything too poignant to add (I’ve been watching that Pussycat Dolls show for cryin’ out loud), it’s just that I’ve fallen in love… with Alejandro González Iñárritu’s voice.  I don’t know what it is, it drives me crazy.   If the movie thing doesn’t work for him, he should just go back to radio, hahaha.